Burn the Fire EP – DallasK

Well I gotta start off in this post with a huge shout out to the girls of the Red, White and Blue with just a fucking amazing performance today. I’m about to make your day better though. It’s been a hell of a day for EPs as you know. First we had Destined For Greatness’s “AngelDust,” and now we can look forward to DallasK’s EP “Burn the Fire” dropping tomorrow. This guy has to be one of, if not my favorite, up and coming DJs in the game today. DallasK finds that perfect balance of light floating synths and huge glass-shattering bass that’ll give your brain goosebumps. I have not been able to stop listening to these two previews “Front/Back” and “Crush” and frankly I’m feeling super blue balled and can’t wait to get the full track. You can tell after listening to both of these songs that this EP is going to be huge. With absolutely epic buildups and even more incredible drops, these previews will get DallasK in your head. I think I prefer DallasK’s “Crush” more than Nero’s to be honest. You decide.

Burn the Fire EP – DallasK

Front/Back (Original Mix) – DallasK

Crush (Original Mix) – DallasK


American Trash – Innerpartysystem (DallasK Remix)

Young Florida DJ DallasK has been on my radar ever since he dropped his huge remix to Nero’s “Guilt”. The heavy electro house bass DallasK uses in all of his songs has a way of getting stuck in your head for days, and it reminds me a little bit of Porter Robinson’s sound. Both young and really talented American producers. This track is from a while back but I just heard it for the first time today and have been craving to hear it live in a club or festival. Keep an eye out for DallasK cause this kid is going places. Enjoy.

– teo

American Trash – Innerpartysystem (DallasK Remix)

Unleash The Scary Side – Felguk

There is no other words to describe this song than being a f*cking banger. Now imagine this is the first song you hear Felguk drop at Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas? Yea, this is the one they used to break in their audience. I easily would’ve gone into cardiac arrest at 1:25 when the song drops; the bass there must’ve been enormous. Luckily Felguk are back at work now, after a few months hiatus,¬†having already dropped a huge track this 2011 with “Blow Out“. I’m loving the DirtyLoud shoutout in this mashup. Goest to show Brazilian electro house duos got each others back. Peace.

– teo

Unleash The Scary Side РFelguk 

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PREVIEW: Tim Berg – Bromance (CAZZETTE meet ASH Mix)

You know how sometimes you hear a preview of a track, and even though it’s not done you still listen to it over and over again just because it’s so damn good. Well the last time that happened for me was with Mord Fustang’s “Finally” Remix (which is going to be released shortly on a different label according to MF), until now. This remix of Avicii’s monster hit is so epic and powerful it’ll crush you. I am so excited for this song to be released. Just picture this being spun at a rave… Yea, wow. Enjoy, and we’ll keep you updated on when it actually gets released.

Shout out to Christina for showing me this jam.

– teo

PREVIEW: Tim Berg – Bromance (CAZZETTE meet ASH Mix)

Whatever Clever – Felguk (Dirtyloud Remix)

This Brazilian duo has been tearing shit up across clubs around the world. With a similar sound to the other electronic brazilian duo “Felguk”, Dirtyloud love that heavy in your face, grimy electro sound that is appropriate for any occassion: rave, pregame, club, party, you name it. This remix will have you dancing like a bobble head doll and leave you craving more. Lucky for you I’m also posting their remix to Aaren San’s “Apes From Space” which is another electronic banger. Damn I just love that grimy South American sound. Bet you they play this shit at the Rio Carnival, after hours though of course.

Whatever Clever – Felguk (Dirtyloud Remix)

Apes from Space – Aaren San (Dirtyloud Remix)