RATE THIS REMIX: Judas – Lady Gaga (R3hab vs. John Dahlback)

Let me just start off by saying Lady Gaga is one weird bitch, but I do respect her. I haven’t heard her original “Judas” yet but I have been listening to all of the electronic remixes out there that have just been released this week and here at VelectroRaptor we believe the best ones are by R3hab and John Dahlback, but now it’s up to you to decide which one you like more. That’s why we’re creating a new post on VelectroRaptor called “RATE THIS REMIX”. Anytime two or more DJs come out with a remix to the same song, we’ll put two artists head and head and let the public decide which one takes the crown. But we need your feedback so let us know in the comments who you think the winner is, and if you have any suggestions for remixes that should go head to head don’t hesitate to email us at velectroraptor@gmail.com. So get ready for plenty of more remix clashes in the future and don’t forget to vote. Enjoy!

VelectroRaptor’s Vote: R3hab



John Dahlback


Fight Club Is Closed – R3hab & Ferruccio Salvo Remix VS Hardwell Remix

So here’s where we need your guys’ help. With two new remixes released of Dada Life’s “Fight Club Is Closed”, we need help deciding who does it more musical justice R3hab & Ferruccio Salvo or Hardwell? Listen to both and let us know what you think.

Fight Club Is Closed – Dada Life (R3hab & Ferruccio Salvo Remix)

Fight Club Is Closed – Dada Life (Hardwell Remix)

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Til Death (R3hab Remix) – Wynter Gordon

Most of you have probably heard of Wynter Gordon from her hit single “Dirty Talk.” This R3hab remix of her track “Til Death” elaborates on her catchy, poppy sound . . and by elaborates I mean the bass rocks you in the face like an Apache helicopter. Just huge, hard-hitting beats on this one should have you banging your fist against the ceiling with your eyes rolling back in your head. FIRE!

Til Death (R3hab Remix) – Wynter Gordon