CONCERT REVIEW: 5/26 Dayglow NYC (ft. Porter Robinson)

It’s true, Dayglow really is the World’s Largest Paint Party. The concert last night was unbelievable – getting paint sprayed and shot on you from every direction, everyone was dancing and grinding, drinks were flowing and Porter was tearing it up on stage – overall a very sick night. This is the type of event for everyone, even if you’re not into electronic music, because in the heat of the moment when your drunkass has too much paint in your eyes and you’re slipping all over the place, it doesn’t matter what song is playing, as long as there is some sort of heavy hitting grimy bass blasting, which is exactly what Porter Robinson provided last night. There were also crazy acts going on on stage. Like when I managed to get to the front row there was a guy dressed as a devil dancing around with a trident that shot lasers and paint… Pretty epic huh? When you buy your ticket for Dayglow you’re not only investing in the time of your fucking life, but you also leave with some crazy new neon clothes and shoes. My only complaint about the concert was that it ended a little early (that is for NYC). We were kicked out around 2:30-3, and let’s be honest, we’re all still in the mood to rage at that time of the night. If you ever get the opportunity to attend Dayglow, I highly recommend it.

VelectroRaptor’s Overall Rating: 9/10

The Wildcat – Porter Robinson


CONCERT REVIEW: 4/25 Wolfgang Gartner @ The Middle East, Cambridge

Wolfgang Gartner was amazing last night. It’s funny how when DJs come to Boston they have to get ready to play in a small venue (since Boston doesn’t have many concert venues) and to a young crowd of college students. Usually I feel like DJs have gotten accustomed to having huge spaces with thousands of fans. Wolfgang made it work last night though and tore it up. “Space Junk” and “Illmerica” really got the crowd going, which unfortunately was made up of mostly dudes. Makes sense though. The more I find out about electronic music, the more I find out how little people know about it especially girls for the most part. It’s too bad cause with more girls at Wolfgang last night, “Wolfgang’s Fifth Symphony” really could’ve gotten some panties to drop. Besides kind of a weak light show and an early ending (1 am), Wolfgang himself knows how to spin like the best of them and blew Boston away.

VelectroRaptor’s Overall Rating: 8/10

CONCERT REVIEW: 4/23 Avicii @ Pacha NYC

Avicii was by far the best live show I have ever attended. The kid is unbelievable. He went on around 2 am and left around 4, but for those 2 and a half hours between a crazy light show, awesome fog machines, hot ass girls dancing left and right, drinks and drugs flowing, and an amazing set by Avicii, I had died and gone to heaven. 2011 was a huge year for Avicii and now with the drop of “Levels” the future is looking even brighter for this young Swede. The best tracks he played which really got people going were of course his huge hit “My Feelings For You” as well as an ode to the great SHM and Laidback Luke with “Leave The World Behind”. If anyone ever has the opportunity to see Avicii anywhere in the world, don’t even hesitate for a second to buy a ticket. House music at its best. My one complaint was the insane number of guidos at Pacha. Not Avicii’s fault though, those fuckers travel in packs.

VelectroRaptor’s Overall Rating: 10/10