Where’s Your Head At? – Tom Starr & Basement Jaxx (Wolfgang Gartner Bootleg)

Wolfgang strikes again. After having seen him live in Boston 2 weeks ago, I’ve been craving some new work from this DJ genius. Here’s his latest track, a great twist to a classic pump up song. Can’t find a soundcloud link or YouTube video for the song, but trust me, it’s a sick song. Enjoy.


CONCERT REVIEW: 4/25 Wolfgang Gartner @ The Middle East, Cambridge

Wolfgang Gartner was amazing last night. It’s funny how when DJs come to Boston they have to get ready to play in a small venue (since Boston doesn’t have many concert venues) and to a young crowd of college students. Usually I feel like DJs have gotten accustomed to having huge spaces with thousands of fans. Wolfgang made it work last night though and tore it up. “Space Junk” and “Illmerica” really got the crowd going, which unfortunately was made up of mostly dudes. Makes sense though. The more I find out about electronic music, the more I find out how little people know about it especially girls for the most part. It’s too bad cause with more girls at Wolfgang last night, “Wolfgang’s Fifth Symphony” really could’ve gotten some panties to drop. Besides kind of a weak light show and an early ending (1 am), Wolfgang himself knows how to spin like the best of them and blew Boston away.

VelectroRaptor’s Overall Rating: 8/10