Moombionic Mixx (La Greca)

Among many other things, Summer 2011 will also be remembered as the time when Moombahton exploded onto the electronic music scene. Originally produced by Dave Nada nearly two years ago in D.C, Moombahton, with the help of DJs such as Dillon Francis and Diplo (both producers for the Mad Decent Label), has become insanely popular today, even though it had already started with a loyal following. To be honest I am only a fairly recent convert to Moombahton, and wish I had heard the Reggaeton/House hybrid earlier because I think I’m in love. All the credit for my discovery of Moombahton though has to go to my friend “La Greca,” a DJ/Producer from Boston, MA who has already released a number of sick mixes I haven’t been able to stop listening to. Since she has been following electronic music for so long (especially moombahhh) she is able to find those tasty underground tracks you’ve never heard, but wish you seriously had a long time ago. La Greca’s “Moombionic Mixx” will blow your musical doors open, giving your ears that sweet nectar they crave. You can be sure to hear a lot more of La Greca here on VelectroRaptor so be sure to show her love on Facebook and Twitter, and as always hit that play button and be ready to groove out to 53 minutes of pure good vibes. Enjoy!

– teo

Moombionic Mixx (La Greca)

Download available in Soundcloud link.


Amplifire – Diplo & Skrillex

Two of today’s best DJ producers (Diplo being my favorite), Diplo and Skrillex have come together to bring us a moombahton dubstep gem. Such a good tune. Will definitely get you in the mood to rave on the beach tonight.

Download available in Soundcloud link!