Rain Tears – Get People (Crystal Fighters Remix)

I’ve been listening to a lot of Get People lately, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, then you need to look them up right now here. They’re an english Electronica trio from London and so far 2011 has shone brightly upon them. The song I have posted here though is a remix to Get People’s hit “Rain Tears”. This remix is so sexy; just so airy and nice it will have you daydreaming in no time. The smooth synths and tropical percussion work together to make a latin-infused sound that put me in a serious mood to dance. Much love and respect for Crystal Fighters, keep up the good work.

– teo

Rain Tears – Get People (Crystal Fighters Remix)


Young Blood – The Naked and The Famous (Futurecop Remix)

Ever since I heard Futurecop’s “Dreams” I’ve been obsessed with this British duo. This new remix of the popular song “Young Blood” will get you moving, especially the drop at 2:39. Me gusta mucho.

Young Blood – The Naked and The Famous (Futurecop Remix)

Sweet Talk – Kito & Reija Lee

This song is fucking absurd. Blast this on good headphones and you become a secret agent. It’s like riding in an Aston Martin and no I’m not talking about Rick Ross. Enjoy.

Sweet Talk – Kito & Reija Lee