PREVIEW: Titanium (Alesso Remix) – David Guetta ft. Sia

David Guetta’s monster hit Titanium has just been remixed by one of the most popular DJs on the scene today, and although this is merely a preview, the last minute of Alesso’s small taste will leave you craving more. No release date has been set yet for the official remix, but god damn I can’t wait because this one is an absolute banger. Enjoy.



Big – Sneaky Sound System (Remixes)

Sneaky Sound System are genius, so then when you get Oliver and John Dahlback to remix their track “Big,” you’ve automatically got yourself a pair of gems. Oliver’s remix, which was released three days ago, has that funky nu disco sound combined with softcore electro house to make your legs move and put you in the best mood you’ve been in all week. John Dahlback on the other hand explores more of a progressive house approach that is more suitable for a foggy club in Stockholm. Both creative, and both amazing.

– teo

Big (Oliver Remix) – Sneaky Sound System

Big (John Dahlback Remix) – Sneaky Sound System

Pass At Me – Timbaland feat. David Guetta & Pitbull

This track doesn’t sound quite finished yet, but I guarantee this is about to be a club BANGER. That’s not surprising when you look at the artists on this one. I don’t care who you are, this song will make you move your ass.

-O Train

Pass At Me – Timbaland feat. David Guetta & Pitbull

BONUS: Here is a pretty nice video featuring “Pass At Me.” Culo means ass in Italian, so yeah just watch the video and enjoy.

Black Cheap (NEUS Remix) – TEE’N TITS

NEUS just released this remix about an hour ago and it is already stuck in my head like a motherfucker. The riff is so damn catchy that I had to change my pants when it dropped at 0:59. This is the first I’ve heard from the frenchman since his remix to Chromeo’s “Night by Night,” and damn is he back with a fucking bang. Unfortunately there’s no download for this gem yet but stay tuned. Oh yeah and that fox is Belen Rodriguez, my future wife. Seemed appropriate to include an absolute smokeshow for this song. Enjoy.

– teo

Black Cheap (NEUS Remix) – TEE’N TITS

Drift (Original Mix) – Funkagenda & Adam K

Two well-known house producers have united to create this masterpiece. This song goes straight back to the roots of house and incorporates everything I love about the genre – fleeting notes, easy bass and sirens. I have a feeling some amazing remixes are bound to emerge in the near future from Funkagenda’s and Adam K’s hard work. I can already hear them.

Drift (Original Mix) – Funkagenda & Adam K

DL available in Soundcloud link.

Jona Vark – Gypsy & The Cat (Tommy Trash Remix)

The melody in this track is ridiculously catchy and I guarantee it gets stuck in your head all day – in the best way possible though. Tommy Trash really popped up on my radar with his remix to “Summer of Love” and now after hearing this I can tell he’s a name to remember. Looks like a chill and funny dude. Keep the hits coming!

Jona Vark – Gypsy & The Cat (Tommy Trash Remix)

Won’t Let You Down – Hagenaar & Albrecht (Albin Myers Remix)

How to describe this song? Well I guess you could say it sounds kind of like if vintage 80s pop and house music fucked. Just a gorgeous baby. This dutchman has some serious skill, and I gotta say that jacket is filthy too.

Won’t Let You Down – Hagenaar & Albrecht (Albin Myers Remix)