RATE THIS REMIX: Set Fire To The Rain – Adele

Today friends we’re going to be putting two of my favorite remixes head to head, and this time I really need all of your guys help because I am just way too torn between which one is the best. The contenders are Moonlight Matters and Plastic Plates who have both produced amazing remixes with super creative elements. Before you decide though let me break down each remix individually so you can have the full story –

Set Fire To The Rain (Moonlight Matters) – Adele

Hailing from Belgium, Moonlight Matters has perfected that funky bass slap that defines his sound. In this remix he allows Adele’s beautiful voice to stretch throughout her verses, but when it’s time for the chorus to kick in you can be sure as hell Moonlight Matters is going to rock the track with that heavy funky bass accompanied by what I’d call the perfect percussion. Can’t forget those gorgeous orchestra strings Moonlight Matters throws in there. Amazing remix.

Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates Remix) – Adele

Here at VelectroRaptor we actually just posted Plastic Plates for the first time yesterday. I know we’re lagging, because this Australian native electronic producer has one of the most bumping and catchy nu disco sounds I have ever heard and constantly crave more. In his remix, Plastic Plates approaches the song with a slower BPM than Moonlight Matters, which I have to say makes the song. I guarantee you bump this song on good speakers or headphones, there’s no way you’ll be able to sit still. When I saw Aeroplane this past Saturday I heard this remix in his hour and a half set and was absolutely dumbfounded.

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Painted Eyes – Hercules & Love Affair (Moonlight Matters Remix)

You know how sometimes you’ll listen to a new song and question whether you’ll like it after hearing the first minute or so. Well, when I first took a listen to this remix by Moonlight Matters I was skeptical. The intro was catchy but I didn’t know what direction the song would take. Then suddenly the track hit 1:18 and an insane build up started, and 30 seconds later I was hit with an incredible drop. This remix, which is heavily infused with that distinctive heavy “Justice” bass, will pick you up out of whatever shitty mood you’re in and will get you grooving. Also I just found out Moonlight Matters is going to be at the 10 Days Off Musical Festival┬áin Ghent, Belgium on July 22, so I’ll definitely have to book my ticket ahora. Later electroheads.

– teo

Painted Eyes – Hercules & Love Affair (Moonlight Matters Remix)

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