Anticipate – Skream + Netsky Remix

Huge massive dubstep banger from Skream. Even sexier banger remix by Netsky. Win-win. Stream only on these.

-O Train


Nobody’s Perfect – Jessie J (Netsky Remix)

Hell yes Netsky. Keep em coming. Even though this song’s been out for a while it just caught my attention and holy shit it is incredible. This Belgian is tearing the Drum ‘N Bass genre up. Ever since catching the world’s attention with his remix to Rusko’s “Everyday”, Netsky has been doing great things. He’ll be featured at multiple festivals across the world this summer including LED in London. Make sure to catch him. I’d imagine you’d have to be rolling pretty fucking hard in order to keep up with his tempo but it sounds like a pretty fun challenge. Enjoy this amazing track.

Nobody’s Perfect – Jessie J (Netsky Remix)