Tommy Chong – Blue Scholars ft. Macklemore

Rappers out of the Pacific Northwest have by far the most powerful verses in the game today. Blue Scholars and Macklemore are some of the leaders of the movement, but similar to them are Common Market and Zion I, and all of these guys have some serious fucking talent. It’s been a while since Blue Scholars have come out with a new album, but I couldn’t be happier, and to get you all excited for it take a listen to “Tommy Chong” one of the many sick songs on it. Every line is smart and well thought out and as much as I love lyrics about money, bitches and planes, it’s always refreshing to hear some clever spits being thrown out about politics and how fucked up our world is. Although this song is all about trees, it traces the history, legality and beauty of weed all over a sick oriental sounding beat. If you’re anti-weed, then please, for everyone’s sake, actually take the time to listen to what these guys are saying, because if this song doesn’t convince you that weed is harmless, then just stick to your “above the influence” shit. This track is off of Blue Scholars newest album CINEMETROPOLIS which is going to be released on June 14th, but you can buy the digital download here off of iTunes. If you’ve got some grass lying around and some buddies to share it with, light up a fatty and let this song melt you away into happiness.