Bassive – Felguk

WOW this song will literally shake your house to its foundations or blow up your car if you turn it up loud enough. That shit cray. Drop at 1:39

-O Train

Bassive – Felguk


Unleash The Scary Side – Felguk

There is no other words to describe this song than being a f*cking banger. Now imagine this is the first song you hear Felguk drop at Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas? Yea, this is the one they used to break in their audience. I easily would’ve gone into cardiac arrest at 1:25 when the song drops; the bass there must’ve been enormous. Luckily Felguk are back at work now, after a few months hiatus,¬†having already dropped a huge track this 2011 with “Blow Out“. I’m loving the DirtyLoud shoutout in this mashup. Goest to show Brazilian electro house duos got each others back. Peace.

– teo

Unleash The Scary Side РFelguk 

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Blow Out (Original Mix) – Felguk

Finally after their long hiatus Felguk step back on the electronic scene with this new huge track. Having recently started their own record label “Dongle”, Felguk is now able to release huge hits whenever they want. These guys are two of my favorite DJs today with their absolutely crazy funky brazilian electro house, their sound is hard to beat. Take a listen to their new track. I didn’t post a link since it’s their first track out on their new label and their talent needs to be supported. And I also don’t want them to fuck me over.

Blow Out (Original Mix) – Felguk