Artist Profile: Smooth Operator

Just discovered Smooth Operator the other day and this guy has some serious talent. He is the other half of jDubs along with Pizo, and in the last year he’s released some gems. He experiments with different sounds from classic house to dubstep, and he seems to find his mesh in every genre. The build-up in “Electric Love” is super impressive and will have you moving like a mother. But I won’t say anymore just listen for yourselves and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Electric Love – Smooth Operator

Party Rock Anthem (Smooth Operator Remix) – LMFAO

Gerudo Valley Theme – Smooth Operator

We Are The People – Empire of the Sun (Smooth Operator Remix)

I’m loving Smooth Operator’s housey take on this acoustic classic from Empire of the Sun. The bass at 0:31 will shake your brain, but will then be relaxed when perfect trance notes kick in at 0:46, only to be followed by other beautiful little sounds later in the track. Overall this track is extremely soothing while maintaining that dance feel that will make you want to bob your head and jump up and down. Also the minute build up starting at 2:18… Wow. These are the things that make me love electronic music.

We Are The People – Empire of the Sun (Smooth Operator Remix)