Celebration – ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky is quickly climbing up my list of favorite rappers. If you don’t have his mixtape, LiveLoveA$AP, get it NOW. This new track from him is really upbeat and will put you in the mood to celebrate . . get it?

-O Train

Celebration – ASAP Rocky


Popped Off (Feat. Dr. Dre) – T.I.

It’s not every day that you hear new Dr. Dre. While this song is by Tip, Dre produced it and jumps on the beat as well. Now if only he would release Detox . . .

-O Train

Popped Off (Feat. Dr. Dre) – T.I.

Out Here – Chip Tha Ripper

Chip Tha RIP!!! That other dude from Cleveland slurs his words on this track, just like all the ones he makes haha. Still a banger, partly because it’s produced by Lex Luger.

Out Here – Chip Tha Ripper

Shit I Know (Feat. Rockie Fresh) – Tayyib Ali

More new Rockie Fresh, but this time he’s the featured artist on this Tayyib Ali track. This is definitely a new sound for Ali but I like it; it’s harder than a lot of his old stuff.

-O Train

Shit I Know (Feat. Rockie Fresh) – Tayyib Ali

Mass Appeal Freestyle – Wale

Wale going in on some old Gang Starr. Whenever he freestyles on an old school beat you know it’s gonna bump.

-O Train


Frick Park Market – Mac Miller

So I’ve heard pretty much every Mac Miller song ever made, and Frick Park Market may have just taken the top spot. Yo Mac if you ever read this can we chill?

The Welcome Mat Mixtape – OCD: Moosh & Twist

First of all, OCD: Moosh & Twist are climbing my power rankings so fast its making my head hurt. I go on vacation for a fuckin’ week and their dropping their second mixtape. ‘The Welcome Mat’ is the first part of a two part project and if this is only part one I can’t WAIT to see whats in store for part two. Keep your fire extinguisher handy when listening because its straight fire.

Second, I need the guy who makes their music videos and I need his yesterday. Every single video they put out is sleek as hell. I need this guy to just follow me around for a weekend and make my life look awesome. Panty dropper for sure.

The Welcome Mat

Take Me Back