Money In The Bank (NEUS Remix) – Lil’ Scrappy

It seems like lately more and more producers are deciding to remix Hip Hop classics. By all means I love it, but a lot of the time the remix just ends up being a fucking failure. Not NEUS though. This kid can transform any rap song into a head-banging, speaker-crushing, wall-shattering saga. This is some heavy ass dubstep boys and girls so if you don’t think your little fragile ears can handle the bass then bow out now.

– teo

Money In The Bank (NEUS Remix) – Lil’ Scrappy



Black Cheap (NEUS Remix) – TEE’N TITS

NEUS just released this remix about an hour ago and it is already stuck in my head like a motherfucker. The riff is so damn catchy that I had to change my pants when it dropped at 0:59. This is the first I’ve heard from the frenchman since his remix to Chromeo’s “Night by Night,” and damn is he back with a fucking bang. Unfortunately there’s no download for this gem yet but stay tuned. Oh yeah and that fox is Belen Rodriguez, my future wife. Seemed appropriate to include an absolute smokeshow for this song. Enjoy.

– teo

Black Cheap (NEUS Remix) – TEE’N TITS

Night By Night – Chromeo (NEUS Dubstep Remix)

Dubstep Chromeo is where it’s at. I’ve never heard of NEUS before but I know he’s french and this new track should put him on your map. About 2 weeks ago we heard 23 remix Chromeo’s “Hot Mess”, and now this? What a treat. I love the slow melodic synth in this track. Keep em coming NEUS.