Profile Pic – Moufy feat. Cassie Cardelle

If you don’t know who Moufy is, you better get familiar with him real quick. This 19 year old rapper out of Roxbury, Mass has burst onto the scene with a vengeance. He’s been tearing it up around Boston and when I saw him live here in the city he absolutely burned the place to the ground, straight Godzilla style. His newest song ‘Profile Pic’ is a must download, you’ll know exactly why he’s destined for big things.
– J

Profile Pic


Destined For Greatness (AngelDust EP)

Composed of rapper Jabari Kiongozi and DJ Zac Blue, Destined For Greatness have unleashed a huge EP this week to make your summer that much better. This hip hop duo goes to school at Washington U. in St. Louis and I first heard of Jabari’s talent when he threw together “Just Breathe” in an hour; sick rhymes spit over the beat of Ratatat’s “Dura”. Well 5 months later DFG revisits some Ratatat samples, with Jabari rapping over “Seventeen Years” in “Cemetery Lines” as well as exploring a variety of other classic samples in this EP including Avicii’s “Bromance”, Tiesto’s “I Will Be Here” and Ellie Goulding’s “Lights”. Now I’m all about mixing hip hop and house music together, but many times instead of a hip-house gem,¬†you get a track that is just way too forced and the rapper spitting just can’t back it up. The perfect example that comes to my mind is Flo Rida’s attempt at rapping over “Levels”. Avicii’s song is pure genius there’s no doubt about it, but the first lines of Flo Rida’s second verse are “The mountain top, walk on water, I got power, feel so royal.” I don’t know about you guys out there but to me that is shit. Jabari though has the ability to compose smart and clever lyrics for those house songs he raps over. Hip Hop isn’t about how tight the background sample is. Lyrics count for everything. So check out AngelDust and prepare to be hooked to DFG.

Destined For Greatness (AngelDust EP)