My Aim In Life (Mixtape) – Myndset

After taking the electronic music scene by storm with his remix of “Pumped Up Kicks”, Myndset has just released his newest mixtape for download with crowd pleasers such as “Levels” and “Cry (Just a Little)”. This mixtape is perfect for jamming out to and throwing on at a party and will have you ready to rage this summer. So take a listen and let Myndset take over your mynd.

My Aim In Life (Mixtape) – Myndset

Download available in Soundcloud link.

All I Ask Of You – Skrillex (Myndset Remix)

Not done with Myndset yet, did my research and found out he is an LA based DJ. I’m sure we can expect some seriously great things out of him if he keeps coming out with gems like “Pumped Up Kicks” and this Skrillex Remix.

All I Ask Of You – Skrillex (Myndset Remix)

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People (Myndset Remix)

Not gonna lie I’ve never heard of Myndset but this remix immediately put them on my radar. The original by Foster the People is already a sick song but this remix honestly takes it to the next fucking level. Wow really impressed. This one’s an absolute must listen to, and make sure you have the volume turned up loud for full effect. Does anyone know more about Myndset or can recommend any other tracks? Cause this one’s filthy!

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People (Myndset Remix)