Talk That Talk – Rihanna & Jay-Z

Rihanna continues to churn out massive hit after massive hit. Throwing Hova on the track definitely doesn’t hurt. Stream only on this one.¬†UPDATE: Download link available below.

-O Train

Talk That Talk – Rihanna & Jay-Z


Fear of Tigers (Le Crayon Remix) – The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump

This picture and this remix by frechman Le Crayon (who has released some sick f*cking tracks this year) go perfectly together. Press play, download, then see for yourself.

– teo

Fear of Tigers (Le Crayon Remix) – The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump

All I Do (Original Mix) – Sam Padrul

In the last few days of August it’s time to fit in as many pool parties, park smoking seshes, and BBQs as possible. I don’t know about you guys but I sure as hell am going to miss Summer, all of the freedom and good times that comes with it, the warm weather, and specific to this summer, all of the amazing music that has been released. Well Summer ’11 is not over yet, and I’ve posted this new track by Sam Padrul to help remind everyone out there that there’s still time to throw one last dance party – just make sure you include this song in your playlist. So funky and fresh you’ll be craving more. Enjoy.

– teo

All I Do (Original Mix) – Sam Padrul

Like A Prayer (Viceroy & Alkamyme Remix) – Madonna

I don’t know about you guys but I loved 80s Madonna. The new one doesn’t do shit for me, but the old school gal I used to know and love always sang songs that sent my young curious mind on exotic trips. “Like A Prayer” was actually always my favorite song of hers, and now Viceroy and Alkamyme have created a remix as sexy as Madonna used to be. Perfect tune to play while you’re just hanging out by the pool with your buddies on a warm summer night. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

– teo

Like A Prayer (Viceroy & Alkamyme Remix) – Madonna

I Lay My Head (Shook Remix) – Fallulah

I first heard of Shook when my buddy sent me his remix to M.I.A’s “Internet Connection” a few months back. For a solid month I had to listen to that song everyday – was addicted. The exact same excitement I felt when I heard his first track sparked up in me today. This remix to Fallulah’s “I Lay My Head” sends chills running down my spine – there’s absolutely no way to avoid getting sucked into that funky nu disco sound Shook has mastered that just moves your body naturally. Shook has an unbelievable talent that needs to be shared with the world, so you can start by liking him on Facebook and spreading the good word. Mark my words, this kid’s headed for the top.

I Lay My Head (Shook Remix) – Fallulah

In case you haven’t heard this yet –

Internet Connection (Shook Remix) – M.I.A

Black Cheap (NEUS Remix) – TEE’N TITS

NEUS just released this remix about an hour ago and it is already stuck in my head like a motherfucker. The riff is so damn catchy that I had to change my pants when it dropped at 0:59. This is the first I’ve heard from the frenchman since his remix to Chromeo’s “Night by Night,” and damn is he back with a fucking bang. Unfortunately there’s no download for this gem yet but stay tuned. Oh yeah and that fox is Belen Rodriguez, my future wife. Seemed appropriate to include an absolute smokeshow for this song. Enjoy.

– teo

Black Cheap (NEUS Remix) – TEE’N TITS

Hot Hot Love (Kids At The Bar Remix) – Madison

The Oklahoma City duo “Kids At The Bar” are back with a sick new remix to Madison’s “Hot Hot Love”. In this track KATB use their signature electro house bass paired with those sweet light synth notes (that leads to a gnarly drop @ 59 seconds) to make you bounce and groove no matter where you are. So far this year “To Die For” and this tune are my favorites by these guys, and I’m sure only more amazing productions are to come. Enjoy

– teo

Hot Hot Love (Kids At The Bar Remix) – Madison