Starworshipper (NewYorkAC Remix) – Futurecop!

After a long week of Music Festivals and clubbing in Belgium and Germany, this remix is exactly what I want and need to hear – just that perfectly soothing summer nu disco sound to relax and heal my bruises and battered brain. I’m especially critical of Futurecop! remixes since the English duo is one of my favorite artists, but NewYorkAC does “Starworshipper” more than justice. NewYorkAC manages to mellow this track out from the original, giving it that ideal blend to jam out to on a nice summer Sunday evening and get you excited for next weekend. Funny thing about NewYorkAC though is that producing is just a side hobby for him. Based in Los Angeles, NewYorkAC is actually a visual effects artist. With that much skill this guy could do some serious damage to the EDM world.

– teo

P.S – listen to this track on sick headphones or speakers for full effect

Starworshipper (NewYorkAC Remix) – Futurecop!