Mass Appeal Freestyle – Wale

Wale going in on some old Gang Starr. Whenever he freestyles on an old school beat you know it’s gonna bump.

-O Train


Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape – Wale

Soooo Wale dropped a new mixtape. I don’t even need to say anything else you know its a must download.

Eleven One Eleven Theory

Chain Music – Wale

Wale is coming out with so much new shit it’s making my head spin. Make sure to play this one with some big bass because it BUMPS. And it’s a radio rip, sorry about that. “Chain so big can’t pop my collar.”

-O Train

Chain Music – Wale

Bait – Wale feat. TCB

I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news lately, but our country is in some pretty deep shit right now. So usually by this point I’d be saying ‘Fuck you Washington’. Luckily for DC they’ve got Wale, and as long as he keeps on putting out tracks like ‘Bait’ they’re O.K. in my book.

Bait ft. TCB

No One Be Like You Freestyle – Wale

I love how Wale will go in over such a wide variety of beats. This is some chill summer shit.

-O Train

No One Be Like You Freestyle – Wale

Bad Girls Club – Wale feat. J. Cole

Wale is everywhere right now, and he teams up with J. Cole for this banger off his upcoming sophomore album, Ambition. Get this on iTunes July 19th.

First Class (feat. Big Sean & B.o.B) – Wale

With this lineup you know it’s a dope cut. And yes that’s Lindsay Lohan in the picture.

First Class (feat. Big Sean & B.o.B) – Wale