VIP – jDubs

Ladies and gents I present to you jDubs, an extremely talented house production duo consisting of John Pierson and Jon Ubnoske, currently based in Boston. These guys have already played numerous shows around Boston including opening for The Cataracs, and you can be sure that they’ll have more performances around the city in the near future. Their biggest influences are Axwell, Mark Knight, Kaskade, Digital Lab and Avicii, and they are currently working on a couple of tracks simultaneously, one of which is a remix for a competition hosted by TogetherBoston, an electronic music festival held in Boston from April 18-24 so be sure to follow up with their plans here on VelectroRaptor. Besides that jDubs are looking to perform as much as possible in Boston, have a good time doing it, and spread to the world the phenomenon that is HOUSE music.

I guarantee once you hit that play button jDubs will have you dancing, bobbing, moving, jamming, twisting – whatever the hell it is you do when you hear a banging new track, they’ll have you doing it. The breakdown at 2:07 absolutely amazes me. Just a perfect transition in the song which hits you so unexpectedly that if you’re not blown away by it then I’m sorry but you’re just not listening right. So do yourself a favor and start your weekend off right by bumping VIP as loud as your speakers go and get ready to rage. Enjoy.