Raise Your Weapon – Deadmau5 (Madeon Remix)

Madeon was one of the first posts VelectroRaptor ever had and in my opinion this kid is the best teenage DJ out there (except for maybe Porter Robinson). His sound is similar to Justice if I had to pick a similar artist and I guess the french like to keep it in the family. Check out Madeon’s latest project this sick remix to one of Deadmau5’s tracks from his latest album 4X4=12. Also if you didn’t know yet, Deadmau5 will be in Boston this October at the House of Blues. Make sure to cop your tickets quickly.

Raise Your Weapon – Deadmau5 (Madeon Remix)


Madeon: Child Prodigy

Madeon… Ever heard of him? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Should you know about him? Absofuckingtutely. I’m convinced that this frenchman is bound to be the next big thing. He’s already taken the electronic music scene by storm and I know for a fact he’ll only continue to tear it up. His sound is unbelievably unique, with heavy percussion, amazing keyboard talent, and an ability to manipulate samples which can be matched by very few DJs. I guarantee you bump any of his songs at a party, that place will straight up turn into a sweaty and sexy underground dance club. Just picture the ladies going apeshit to his up-tune beats. I know I can. So when you hit play make sure your speakers are absolutely bumping in your room and turn that old subwoofer on, or if headphones are all you got then don’t be afraid to damage your ears, I promise it’ll be worth it. If you listen to him softly or on your laptop speakers then don’t bother listening and stick to your keshas or whatever other lame shit was on cause you’re not doing this guy any justice. Oh yeah, and did I mention this guy’s 16… Enjoy.

DJ – Alphabet (Madeon Remix)

The Island – Pendulum (Madeon Remix)

You just gotta love this kids funky disco sound. Unbelievable. When I listen to this next song the only word that comes to my mind is SEXY. There’s an amazing combination of samples in this song which just make it absolutely epic and dance worthy, and the french girls voice makes my arms and legs go numb. Maybe it’s my love for french women, but honestly even if the girl in this song was singing about being 80 pounds overweight and hadn’t showered in weeks I’d still marry her cause her voice is great and this beat is unreal.

Que Veux Tu – Yelle (Madeon Remix)