Like A Prayer (Viceroy & Alkamyme Remix) – Madonna

I don’t know about you guys but I loved 80s Madonna. The new one doesn’t do shit for me, but the old school gal I used to know and love always sang songs that sent my young curious mind on exotic trips. “Like A Prayer” was actually always my favorite song of hers, and now Viceroy and Alkamyme have created a remix as sexy as Madonna used to be. Perfect tune to play while you’re just hanging out by the pool with your buddies on a warm summer night. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

– teo

Like A Prayer (Viceroy & Alkamyme Remix) – Madonna


So Much Love To Give (Viceroy Remix) – Together

Close your eyes and picture the best summer party you’ve ever been to in your life. If I had to guess (at least for me), I’d have to say it was probably a beach party, where there was warm weather involved, all of your best buddies, a bonfire, and as always enough booze and greenies to last you til 2017. Now hit play and listen to this new remix of Thomas Banglater and DJ Falcon’s monster hit “So Much Love To Give,” and close your eyes again and imagine that same party. Absolutely perfect right? When Viceroy was in the studio putting this together I can’t help but imagine that the only thing going through his head was that he wanted to produce the perfect summer party jam for 2011. Well, Viceroy, from all of us here at VelectroRaptor, bravo. You’ve accomplished just that.

So Much Love To Give (Viceroy Remix) – Together