All I Do (Original Mix) – Sam Padrul

In the last few days of August it’s time to fit in as many pool parties, park smoking seshes, and BBQs as possible. I don’t know about you guys but I sure as hell am going to miss Summer, all of the freedom and good times that comes with it, the warm weather, and specific to this summer, all of the amazing music that has been released. Well Summer ’11 is not over yet, and I’ve posted this new track by Sam Padrul to help remind everyone out there that there’s still time to throw one last dance party – just make sure you include this song in your playlist. So funky and fresh you’ll be craving more. Enjoy.

– teo

All I Do (Original Mix) – Sam Padrul


Bangu Rykliui – Martin Virgin

Took this picture from my roof today. Not sure why but I feel like it goes perfectly with this beautiful track by Mr. Virgin. If you’re feeling stressed out or just simply looking to mellow, do Martin Virgin and yourself a favor and press play.

– teo

Bangu Rykliui – Martin Virgin