Welcome to the Show – TeeJay ft. Matt Easton

If you’ve been visiting Velectroraptor for awhile then you know how much we love Matt Easton. This collaboration with rapper TeeJay is straight fire flames and is a must download for anyone who likes up and coming rappers. These two make magic and are bound to do great things, I can only hope they do more work together in the future.

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Matt Easton Music

Welcome to the Show – TeeJay ft. Matt Easton


Old Hickory (New Matt Easton Mixtape)

Matt Easton’s back at it again tearing up the college hip hop scene with his newest mixtape “Old Hickory”. Not only are his verses smart and tight, but this guy creates all of his own beats. Impressive huh? Since Matt dropped “Intro To Public Speaking,” he’s perfected his ability to flow with the rhythm and percussion, and along with remastered hits like “Live Life” on this mixtape, Matt’s added even more tight samples to “Old Hickory” such as “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Bros and “Dark Fantasy” by Kanye. So check out and download Matt’s newest mixtape right here and expect a lot more out of him, cause “Old Hickory” is the beginning of a hell of a career. Enjoy.

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Spaceship Bachelorpad – Matt Easton

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Matt Easton. If you’ve never heard of Matt then you’re welcome for the formal introduction. Remember his name because I promise you this kid is headed for great things. Believe it or not, Matt has been a good friend of mine since the 7th grade when we would kick it playing videogames in his basement. You might think that makes me biased, but his music speaks for itself. Spaceship Bachelorpad is Matt’s latest leak from his upcoming mixtape Old Hickory which drops May 9th and it is a fucking CUT. Just a funkadelic masterpiece with a phenomenal beat and a killer horn section that will have you bumpin this on repeat. We threw in a few tracks from his first mixtape Intro to Public Speaking which is a must download. Oh and did I mention all his songs are self produced? Yeah, hes that good.

Spaceship Bachelorpad – Matt Easton

Don’t Know Why – Matt Easton

Live Life – Matt Easton