Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix) – Kaskade

Hey there Ladies & Gents, after the long hiatus VelectroRaptor is back online ready to provide to you even more bootybumpin and lipsmackin beats to get you through your boring ass days. Trust me I’d know. I’m in the god damn library for the fifth night in a row and it’s not looking too much better. Luckily though there’s always music to get you through all that crap, as well as the parties, and we’re here to deliver for all the above. That’s right we’re back and as my first post under the EDM category I am giving you Le Castle Vania’s filthy new remix to Kaskade’s hit “Turn It Down”. This remix by Atlanta producer will be released soon on Ultra Records, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the right city, Le Castle Vania is currently on tour so check out his dates here. And while you’re at it, show us some love on facebook too.

We’re back everyone. Get your dancing shoes on cause shit is about to go down. Expect a complete new transformation of the website in upcoming weeks.

Rave on.



Together – DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter (Le Castle Vania & Computer Club’s Summer Bootleg Mix)

So I’ve been listening to this amazing new remix for a week and unfortunately it slipped my mind to post it. I guess I was just way too entranced by it. Atlanta based DJ Le Castle Vania is definitely starting to creep into my list of favorite musicians today. You just gotta love that grimy bassy sound that just takes control of your mind. If you haven’t heard this new remix yet then I suggest you drop everything you’re doing and tune in cause the drop at 1:30 will melt your face and brain at the same time. Sorry for the late post, if it had been any other song I would’ve just left it but this one’s just too good. Enjoy.

To download click the down arrow button on the soundcloud link.