Cold Feet – Mac Miller

I’m starting to think VelectroRaptor should just become a Mac Miller blog. The kid puts out so many new tracks I can’t keep up. As some of you may know, Mac puts out a new song for every 100k Twitter followers he gets, and Cold Feet is to celebrate the 800k mark. Track is fire, ‘you bitches couldn’t touch me with a Facebook poke’ may be my new favorite line ever. And as a little bonus I threw in a Mac Miller Femme Fatale Freestyle.
Vaya con Dios.

Cold Feet

Femme Fatale Freestyle


Frick Park Market – Mac Miller

So I’ve heard pretty much every Mac Miller song ever made, and Frick Park Market may have just taken the top spot. Yo Mac if you ever read this can we chill?

The Miller Family Reunion – Mac Miller

Ya we pretty much post everything Mac comes out with. This song is literally meant to be played at a BBQ, so do it.

-O Train

The Miller Family Reunion – Mac Miller

The Drive – Chevy Woods feat. Mac Miller

I’m a huge fan of rappers going in over real laid back beats and Chevy and Mac do it better than anyone on ‘The Drive’. Perfect for a slow smoke and drive around town.

The Drive

Family First – Mac Miller feat. Talib Kweli

Whenever new Mac Miller comes out we gotta post it and this track is no exception. Gotta love the Talib Kweli feature on this one. Like most of Mac’s work, this song is super chill and should get you in the mood to relax and enjoy a lazy summer day. This is only two minutes long but definitely worth checking out.

Family First РMac Miller feat. Talib Kweli 



Love Lost – Mac Miller

Is Mac Miller the best young rapper in the game today? Rhetorical question. The answer is obviously yes. Mac dropped this new track for getting his 400,000th twitter follower and like all his songs this one doesn’t disappoint. The vocal sample used for Love Lost is dope and as always Mac’s flow is smooth like velvet. I’m also assuming this song is about a hypothetical girl because what dumb bitch would leave Mac Miller? I’d say none but you never know with women.

Mac Miller – Love Lost

Talk About – Mac Miller

Mac Miller is one of the most featured artists on this site because of his extremely laid back style and flow that puts you in the chillest mood, with an instant smile on your face. This track is no different. Real groovy and relaxed beat with the intelligent verses of Mac laid down on top. Summer is just around the corner, and this is a perfect song to cruise around the neighborhood with at sunset on a lazy day in June.

Talk About – Mac Miller