All I Do (Original Mix) – Sam Padrul

In the last few days of August it’s time to fit in as many pool parties, park smoking seshes, and BBQs as possible. I don’t know about you guys but I sure as hell am going to miss Summer, all of the freedom and good times that comes with it, the warm weather, and specific to this summer, all of the amazing music that has been released. Well Summer ’11 is not over yet, and I’ve posted this new track by Sam Padrul to help remind everyone out there that there’s still time to throw one last dance party – just make sure you include this song in your playlist. So funky and fresh you’ll be craving more. Enjoy.

– teo

All I Do (Original Mix) – Sam Padrul


Like A Prayer (Viceroy & Alkamyme Remix) – Madonna

I don’t know about you guys but I loved 80s Madonna. The new one doesn’t do shit for me, but the old school gal I used to know and love always sang songs that sent my young curious mind on exotic trips. “Like A Prayer” was actually always my favorite song of hers, and now Viceroy and Alkamyme have created a remix as sexy as Madonna used to be. Perfect tune to play while you’re just hanging out by the pool with your buddies on a warm summer night. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

– teo

Like A Prayer (Viceroy & Alkamyme Remix) – Madonna

So Much Love To Give (Viceroy Remix) – Together

Close your eyes and picture the best summer party you’ve ever been to in your life. If I had to guess (at least for me), I’d have to say it was probably a beach party, where there was warm weather involved, all of your best buddies, a bonfire, and as always enough booze and greenies to last you til 2017. Now hit play and listen to this new remix of Thomas Banglater and DJ Falcon’s monster hit “So Much Love To Give,” and close your eyes again and imagine that same party. Absolutely perfect right? When Viceroy was in the studio putting this together I can’t help but imagine that the only thing going through his head was that he wanted to produce the perfect summer party jam for 2011. Well, Viceroy, from all of us here at VelectroRaptor, bravo. You’ve accomplished just that.

So Much Love To Give (Viceroy Remix) – Together

Starworshipper (NewYorkAC Remix) – Futurecop!

After a long week of Music Festivals and clubbing in Belgium and Germany, this remix is exactly what I want and need to hear – just that perfectly soothing summer nu disco sound to relax and heal my bruises and battered brain. I’m especially critical of Futurecop! remixes since the English duo is one of my favorite artists, but NewYorkAC does “Starworshipper” more than justice. NewYorkAC manages to mellow this track out from the original, giving it that ideal blend to jam out to on a nice summer Sunday evening and get you excited for next weekend. Funny thing about NewYorkAC though is that producing is just a side hobby for him. Based in Los Angeles, NewYorkAC is actually a visual effects artist. With that much skill this guy could do some serious damage to the EDM world.

– teo

P.S – listen to this track on sick headphones or speakers for full effect

Starworshipper (NewYorkAC Remix) – Futurecop!

Sky – The Human League (Plastic Plates Remix)

First heard this track in Aeroplane’s June Mix and was immediately hooked. Then I went further and did some research into Plastic Plates so I could learn more about that funky/nu disco sound that I have become obsessed with. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Felix Bloxsom (Plastic Plates) now resides in Los Angeles, California where he mixes up his tasty sound, while also opening for DJs such as Nero. This remix to Human League’s “Sky” has no doubt become one of my favorite summer jams and works perfectly for a pool party or any other summer activity. Make sure to show Plastic Plates as well as VelectroRaptor some love on Facebook.

– teo

Sky – The Human League (Plastic Plates Remix)

Rain Tears – Get People (Crystal Fighters Remix)

I’ve been listening to a lot of Get People lately, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, then you need to look them up right now here. They’re an english Electronica trio from London and so far 2011 has shone brightly upon them. The song I have posted here though is a remix to Get People’s hit “Rain Tears”. This remix is so sexy; just so airy and nice it will have you daydreaming in no time. The smooth synths and tropical percussion work together to make a latin-infused sound that put me in a serious mood to dance. Much love and respect for Crystal Fighters, keep up the good work.

– teo

Rain Tears – Get People (Crystal Fighters Remix)

Summertime (Mash Up) – Pretty Lights

Hailing from Colorado, Pretty Lights has one of the most original sounds in the electronic scene today, and that’s why he’s one of our favorites here at VelectroRaptor. The only way to describe his music is super fucking chill, and meant to be listened to with a joint or two being passed around. This new release, which was dropped on June 21st in honor of the first day of summer, captures the sound of summer perfectly. I’ve literally been listening to this song on repeat for an hour because it puts your mind in the perfect place. This song incorporates 8 different summer tracks which relate to summer including some Sublime, which is just a testimony to how fucking talented Pretty Lights is. I would love to see this guy in concert – it would just be a euphoria overload. So spark up a j, listen to this dope ass song, and then download it. Now.

Summertime (Mash Up) – Pretty Lights

This song also reminds me of Pretty Lights’ “Shining Bright Despite The Plight” – another one of my favorites from PL. Check it!

Shining Bright Despite the Plight – Pretty Lights

Download available in Soundcloud Link!

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