LFR (Live From the Renaissance) – Department of Sound

Second single from DOS, the Pacific Northwest/Maryland duo who are about to do huge things. Start listening to them now so when they blow up, you can say you were a fan from the beginning. This track has a completely different feel from their first release, “My Life.” The beat is NUTS and will rock your balls off, and Mellow Marsh kills it as always with his smart lyrics and intense delivery. I’ve heard some more stuff these guys are working on, and this is just a taste of what’s to come. Download this shit now.

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My Life – Department of Sound

Introducing Department of Sound. These guys are my bros so make sure to show them your support. DoS spans the country, with the production coming from beautiful Portland, OR (pictured above) and the emceeing from Maryland. This is some real soulful, laid back, thought-provoking shit, give it a listen and a download.

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