Innocence – Nero (Feed Me Remix)

When I first heard Feed Me a while back I knew his original grimy sound was going to be a huge hit especially since he was signed to Deadmau5’s own Mau5trap record label. His songs just remind me of a German rave, something similar to the opening scene of “XXX” except with Feed Me playing instead of Rammnstein. This new remix epitomizes his sound and will most likely cause you brain damage from headbanging. Enjoy.

Innocence – Nero (Feed Me Remix)

Also if you’re looking to quench your thirst for more hard electro/grimy dubstep, check out Dirtylouds new drop Needle. These brazilians have got their shit down.

Needle (Original Mix) – Dirtyloud


Whatever Clever – Felguk (Dirtyloud Remix)

This Brazilian duo has been tearing shit up across clubs around the world. With a similar sound to the other electronic brazilian duo “Felguk”, Dirtyloud love that heavy in your face, grimy electro sound that is appropriate for any occassion: rave, pregame, club, party, you name it. This remix will have you dancing like a bobble head doll and leave you craving more. Lucky for you I’m also posting their remix to Aaren San’s “Apes From Space” which is another electronic banger. Damn I just love that grimy South American sound. Bet you they play this shit at the Rio Carnival, after hours though of course.

Whatever Clever – Felguk (Dirtyloud Remix)

Apes from Space – Aaren San (Dirtyloud Remix)