SUMMER ’11 Mash-Ups

Usually not a big fan of mash-ups but these two new ones that dropped are exceptions because in the middle of all these exams and bullshit they put me on a tropical island in 95 degree weather. If you’re looking for a study break to travel to Barbados for a couple of minutes I suggest you take a listen.

This one really gets me in the mood to party with a couple of Coronas, a nice j, and of course buddies. Get ready cause summer is only a week away.

Move For The Party (No Body Edit) – Kaskade vs. LMFAO

The transition in and out of “Strobe” in this one is perfect. It’ll get you in the mood to go clubbing trust me.

Strobe Together (Romain G Reboot) – Swanky Tunes vs. Deadmau5