Summertime (Mash Up) – Pretty Lights

Hailing from Colorado, Pretty Lights has one of the most original sounds in the electronic scene today, and that’s why he’s one of our favorites here at VelectroRaptor. The only way to describe his music is super fucking chill, and meant to be listened to with a joint or two being passed around. This new release, which was dropped on June 21st in honor of the first day of summer, captures the sound of summer perfectly. I’ve literally been listening to this song on repeat for an hour because it puts your mind in the perfect place. This song incorporates 8 different summer tracks which relate to summer including some Sublime, which is just a testimony to how fucking talented Pretty Lights is. I would love to see this guy in concert – it would just be a euphoria overload. So spark up a j, listen to this dope ass song, and then download it. Now.

Summertime (Mash Up) – Pretty Lights

This song also reminds me of Pretty Lights’ “Shining Bright Despite The Plight” – another one of my favorites from PL. Check it!

Shining Bright Despite the Plight – Pretty Lights

Download available in Soundcloud Link!

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