On – Diplo & Douster

It’s been a while since Diplo’s come out with an original mix. He’s in such high demand from hip hop artists such as Chris Brown (since it was Diplo who produced “Look At Me Now”), that it’s a nice change to see him release a new crazy track just like the old Diplo we know and love. He’s one of my personal favorite DJs and this new song has that crazy percussion and fun sounds that defined “Major Lazer” and no other DJ in the world can match his creativity and uniqueness in my opinion. I’ve never heard of Douster but he must be pretty damn good if he’s contributed to “On”. I have a feeling not everyone is going to necessarily like this song since it’s not poppy or have any trancy synths, but I for one love it already, and anyone who likes Diplo will enjoy this one a shit ton. The music video is ridiculous but not as absurd as the drop at 1:00. The song is getting released on Monday so I’ll have a download link for everyone then. Enjoy!

On – Diplo & Douster


One Comment on “On – Diplo & Douster”

  1. Mufasa says:

    Mate I am so keen for that DL link…

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